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María Dolores Dancausa CEO Bankinter, Spain



A Message from María Dolores Dancausa CEO Bankinter, Spain



Open letter from people who work in a bank to people have placed their trust in it.



The Bank that is proud to be your bank

Today a bank doesn’t want to talk to you The people who make this bank your bank want to talk to you. Bankinter people. People who, like you, have seen their reality change overnight; have to keep their distance from those they used to embrace; work and telework; wear a mask to go to the supermarket; help their children with schoolwork at home; fear for their loved ones; clap and clap on their balconies; and who are proud. Because if there is a time when your bank must see things as you see them, it is surely now. We know that you give us the most important thing anyone can be given, which is your trust. That’s why at Bankinter we want to tell you with actions that this will pass and that we’ll be right here with you. With very clear and verifiable pledges, and not marketing.
Today, in this letter, we are making the following pledges:
EmploymentOur first pledge is to preserve employment. We have been steadily creating jobs for the last seven years without closing any branches. This is because we have one of the finest banking teams in Spain and are rewarded daily by our customers’ trust.
HouseholdsWe are making a pledge to households that have a mortgage and are not eligible for the moratorium announced by the government. They can postpone payment on their mortgage principal for four months, and we will extend this period even further in the case of genuine need.
PensionersWe are making a pledge to our pensioners by allowing them to collect their pension five days earlier than usual.
Customers  We are making a pledge to our customers who hold accounts that bear up 5% AER the first year. We will not only keep our promise to waive fees, pay interest and keep on offering accounts that maintain their original terms and conditions; but we will also relax the income requirements so that accountholders can continue enjoying all the perks of these accounts.
Self-employed, SMEs and corporations  We are making a pledge to sole-traders, SMEs and companies to the initiatives promoted by the State immediately, by offering them a line of credit of up to 100 billion euros’.
Remote banking
  We are making a pledge so that all our customers can carry out their banking transactions without leaving home by enhancing our digital banking service (a pioneer in Spain and leader in cybersecurity) on all digital media available to them (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Bizum and Bankinter Wallet) and, if cash is required, on the largest network of ATMs in Spain without debit charges.
But we also pledge that, when this is over and you come to see us, absolutely nothing will have changed:
  Because there’s a reason we are proud to be one of the most solvent banks in Europe according to the European Central Bank, one of the most sustainable in the world according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, and a world leader in gender equality.   That’s why this is a letter of commitment rather than of intent. Because if there is something we can be sure of, now more than ever, it’s that in this fight we are all on the same side. And if anything can get us out of this situation faster, it is not big speeches or corporate messages. Today, nothing is more powerful than people’s commitment toward others.
| María Dolores Dancausa and all Bankinter people. |

| source: bankinter web

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