Banque Internationale pour l’Afrique au Togo S.A.

Banque Internationale pour l’Afrique au Togo S.A.    Banque Internationale pour l’Afrique au Togo S.A. (BIA Togo or International Bank of Africa) is a full-service bank providing deposit products to individuals in Togo. BIA Togo also offers MoneyGram, a person to person money transfer service. BIA Togo is a part of Groupe Attijariwafa bank (Morocco). BIA Togo was previously known as the Banque Internationale pour l’Afrique Occidentale (BIAO). BIA Togo is often mentioned in Nigerian scam emails (also called Nigerian 419 scams).
HeadquarterLome, Togo
Key People
Head Office13, rue du commerce, B.P. 346, Lome
Phone+228 22 23 05 50
ID:  6165682 Updated: 29.04.2020
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2 thoughts on “Banque Internationale pour l’Afrique au Togo S.A.”

  1. Humphrey Mwelwa says:

    Is the same bank still working cause they want to send a vise card for me please any help

  2. Namale sibella Ann says:

    Is it still working because they want to send a visa card

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