Document of title to goods are defined by Section 2 of the Sale of Goods Act 1930 as


―A bill of lading, dock warehouse keeper‘s certificate, railway receipt and any other document used in the ordinary course of business as proof of the possession or control of goods or authorizing to either by endorsement and delivery, the possessor of the document to transfer or receive goods thereby represented.‖ The following are some of the documents of title to goods. 1. Bill of lading 2. Dock warrant 3. Railway receipt(R.R.) or Lorry receipt (L.R) 4. Delivery order, and 5. Warehouse keeper‘s Certificate.


1. Bill of Lading:

This represents goods sent by ship. Only on production of this document, the captain of the ship will deliver the goods. A bill of lading is a quasi negotiable instrument. That is, it can be transferred but the transferee cannot get a better title than transferor and any defect in the instrument will also affect the transferee, even if he is a holder in due course. If the freight changes are due on a bill of lading, and without knowing this, if a person obtains the same, he cannot obtain a favorable title as the captain will refuse to deliver the goods.


2. Dock warrant:

After taking delivery of the goods from the ship, the goods will be kept in the dock and the dock master will give a certificate which is a dock warrant. Only on production of the dock warrant, the goods will be delivered.


3. Railway Receipt or Lorry Receipt:

When the wholesaler dispatches goods to the retailer, under the condition that documents are negotiable through the bank, the documents, railway receipts or lorry receipts will be sent to the bank of the retailer. The retailer‘s bank will intimate him (the retailer) about the receipt of L.R. or R.R. which is representing the goods sent by lorry or rail. The retailer after making payment into the bank, will take delivery of these documents. Later, he will produce it to the railway authorities if it is R.R and to lorry authorities if it is L.R. and take delivery of tools.


4. Delivery Order:

It is a document which is addressed by the owner of the goods to the custodian or . possessor of goods, normally the warehouse keeper. It is an instruction whereby either the whole goods or part of the goods kept in the warehouse to be delivered to particular person named in the document.


5. Warehouse keeper’s certificate:

A warehouse is a scientific storage and licensed by the government and the quality of goods will remain the same in spite of a longer period of storage. The receipt given by the warehouse keeper on receipt of goods is called warehouse keeper‘s certificate which can be used for obtaining loan from the bank.



THE PRINCIPAL FORMS OF GOVERNMENT SECURITIES ARE: 1. Stock 2. Bearer bonds and 3. Promissory notes



A stock holder is given a certificate indicating the amount of a specified loan held by him. The name of the stock holder is entered in the books of the public debt office. The certificates are not transferable by endorsement.


Bearer Bonds

A Bearer bond certifies that the bearer is entitled to certain sum specified on the date indicated. The bearer of the bonds possesses the ownership. The title to the bonds is transferred by mere delivery without any formality.


Promissory Notes

Promissory notes contain a promise by the President of India in case of Central Government and by the Governor of the State in case of State Government Securities to pay the specified sum of money to the holder of the note or the last endorsee whose name appears on the reverse, on a specified date or after certain notice, according to the terms issue. A promissory note is negotiable one. The title to the promissory note passes by endorsement and delivery.


Corporate securities

The corporate securities comprise the ownership securities such as equity shares and preference shares and creditor ship securities such as debentures.


Merits of stock Exchange Securities

(1) Liquidity:

Stock and shares can be easily realized if the borrower is unable to pay the debt. The existence of ready market provides liquidity to the security.

(2) Safety:

In normal times the securities enjoy stability of value. in times of recession the value of security may undergo fluctuations. But gilt-edged securities are less susceptible to the changes. Nowadays even corporate securities are unaffected by business cycle.

(3) Few legal formalities:

Investigation of the title involves no complication as in the case of real estates. The formalities to be observed are few which facilitate easy transfer of securities and minimize the expenses.

(4) Negotiable securities:

Some of the securities such as bearer bonds bearer debentures, share warrants and government promissory notes are fully negotiable. a. The banker gets good title and from all defects if he acts bonfire. b. The securities empower the banker to dispose them of without customer‘s assistance. c. Transfer of the securities requires no stamp duty and so is inexpensive.

(5) Appropriation of income towards Loan:

Income received on such securities by way of interest or dividend can be appropriated towards the debt which automatically reduces the liability of the borrower.

(6) Easier valuation:

The market value of these securities can be easily ascertained from quotations given in stock exchange reports or newspapers.



A debenture is a document issued by a company as an evidence of debt. It is an acknowledgment of company‘s indebtedness to its holders. The debentures carry a predetermined rate of interest payable at regular intervals. The principal is generally payable on maturity varying upon 10 years. The amount of debenture is usually secured by a fixed or floating charge on the company‘s assets.



Debentures as security are acceptable to bankers because of the following advantages. 1. Debentures give prior claim on the profits and assets of the company. 2. Debentures are easily marketable. 3. The value and title of the borrower could be ascertained easily. 4. Transfer of debentures involves minimum expenses.


Life Insurance policy

A life insurance is a contract between a person known as insured and the insurance company called insurer. According to the contract, the insurance company undertakes to pay, to the person for whose benefit the insurance is made, a certain sum of money or annuity on the death of the person whose life is insured.


Kinds of Insurance Policy

A life insurance policy may be a, (i) Whole life policy (ii) Endowment Policy


Whole Life Policy

In a whole life policy the premier are paid throughout the life of the insured person and the policy amount becomes payable on the death of the insured.


Endowment Policy

In case of an endowment Policy premiere payable during the stated period or till death, if earlier. The policy money is payable on the expiry of the period or on the death of the insured.


Advantages of Life Policy as Security

(i) Liquid security:

A life policy can be easily realized. If he borrower fails to repay the loan, the bank can surrender the policy and get payment of surrender value. If the e customer dies the insurance company would be ever ready to pay the amount covered by the policy. So life policy is a liquid security.


(ii) Stability in value:

A life policy is stable in value. Its surrender value continually increases, provided the premier are paid regularly. The surrender value is the minimum amount which will be paid by the insurance company if the policy is surrendered before its maturity.

(iii) No problem in ascertaining the value:

The value of the policy can be easily ascertained. Sometimes, the policy it self indicates how the surrender value is to be calculated, if it does not do so, the company will supply required information.

(iv) Assignment made easy:

The policy can be easily assigned in favour of the banker. The legal formalities connected with the assignment is simple. The banker gets perfect title without much difficulty.

(v) No supervision:

The life policy remains in the custody of the bank. The security requires little supervision except that the bank must watch the regular payment of premiums.



(i) Evasion of facts when policy is effected:

A contract of insurance is a contract of Uberriemae fide i.e. contract mad in utmost good faith. This means the insured must disclose all material facts relating to his life at the time of taking the policy.

(ii) Non-payment of premia:

A life policy depends for its continued vaidity for the amount insured on the regular payment of premia. There is a risk that the customer may not be able to pay future premiums. The policy will lapse if the assured fails to pay the premia regularly.

(iii)Risk in case of suicide:

A life policy contains a number of conditions. For example, almost all policies have a ‗suicide clause‘ stating that if the assured commits suicide within the period from the date of insurance, the policy becomes void.


(iv) Admission of age:

The insured must have forwarded his birth certificate and this mist have been accepted by the insurance company. In its absence the difficulty arises in claiming the amount of the policy.


(v) Insurable interest:

There is a slight risk that the person taking out the policy may have had no insurable interest in the life assured. In such case the contract becomes void.

Fixed deposit receipt

Fixed Deposits which are repayable after the expiry of a certain period are excellent security to obtain advance from banks. The depositor who is in urgent need or money can seek loans by pledging the Fixed Deposit Receipt. 1. Deposit receipt in borrower‘s name: Advance should be granted to the person in whose name the deposit stands. If the deposit is in two or more names, a letter o authority signed by all authorizing the banker to grant loan to one or more of them should be obtained. 2. Deposit receipt in minor‘s name: No advance should ordinarily be granted against a deposit standing in the name of amino. In exceptional cases, an advance could be made after getting a declaration from the guardian that the amount will be utilized for the benefit of the minor. 3. Advances against third party receipt: Banks may allow advances on the security of third party fixed deposit receipt issued by their own bank. In such a case the banker should get the receipt duly discharged by the owner of the receipt and a letter of request sighed by him authorizing the bank to hold the receipt as security for the advance. 4. Discharge of the deposit receipt: A fixed deposit receipt accepted for advance should be discharged by the depositor putting his signature across the appropriate revenue stamp. 5. Note the lien: The bank‘s lien should be noted in the fixed deposit receipt and ledger and also on the face of the receipt under the signature of an authorized bank officer. 6. Margin: According to the directive issued by the Reserve Bank, a margin of not less than 25% is to be maintained while granting loans against any deposit. 7. Rate of interest: According to the Reserve Bank Directive the rate of interest chargeable on a loan against fixed deposit receipt shall be at least two percent above the interest payable on such deposit if the deposit is in the name of the borrower.



Usually advances against fixed deposit receipts are automatically adjusted on maturity from the proceeds of the deposits. If payment is made before due date, the deposit receipt is returned to the borrower after cancellation of discharge there on.


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