Customer Service Improvement in the Bank !

Customer Service Improvement:

“There is only one boss, and whether a person shines shoes for a living or heads up the biggest corporation in the world, the boss remains the same. It is the customer! The customer is the person who pays everyone’s salary and who decides whether a business is going to succeed or fail. In fact, the customer can fire everybody in the company from the chairman (CEO) on down, and he can do it simply by spending his money somewhere else.


Literally everything we do, every concept perceived, every technology eveloped and associate employed,  is directed with this one objective clearly in mind – pleasing the customer.”

— Sam M. Walton, CEO Wal-Mart


What is Customer Service?

“Customer Service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customers satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a service or product has met the customer expectation”.


Success Factors of Japan


Financial/ Banks, Hospital, Hotel, Manufacturing, Telecom, Hyper Mall, Automobile, FMCG , Airlines, Tourism, Textile, etc.

Common Success Factors



  • Discipline people,
  • Discipline thoughts,
  • Discipline actions &
  • Culture of discipline)


Individual Efficiency

  • Dedication
  • Job ownership
  • Career competition
  • Loyalty
  • Individual value & ethics
  • Pro – active


Customer Service

  • Welcoming attitude
  • Down – to – earth approach
  • Meeting customer satisfaction & expectation
  • Rapport building



  • Hygiene
  • Energized workplace
  • Finest service or production
  • Development Strategies
  • Quality assets & liability
  • Corporate Culture


Team Work

  • No matter what, all individuals have single vision of KAIZAN
  • Transparent communicati on among the team members
  • All members participation

Human Recourses


Essence of Customer Service


  • Doing ordinary things extraordinary
  • Going beyond what is
  • Adding value to every
  • Being at your best with every
  • Discovering new ways to
  • Taking care of your customers like you would take care of your loved ones.


What do customers expect?

Customers always expect a TREAT!!!! Trust (ability to provide what was promised, dependably and accurately)

Responsiveness (willingness to help customers promptly)

Empathy (degree of caring and individual attention you show to customers)

Assurance (knowledge and courtesy you show to customers, and ability to convey trust)

Tangibles (physical facilities and equipments, and your own (and others’) appearance)


10 Rules for great customer service:

  1. Commit to quality
    • create a positive experience for the
    • go above and beyond customer
  2. Know your
    • helps win a customer’s trust and confidence.
  3. Know your
    • tailor your service approach to their needs and buying
    • get to the root of customer dissatisfaction by talking to people and understanding complaints.
  4. Treat people with
    • every contact with a customer leaves an
    • use phrases like “ sorry to keep you waiting” , “thanks for your order”, “you’re welcome”

and “ it’s been a pleasure helping you”.

  1. Never argue with a
    • be solution focused than problem


  1. Don’t leave customers
    • all communications with a customer needs to be handled with a sense of
  2. Always provide what you
    • failure to do this is a sure way to lose credibility with your
    • if you can’t make good on your promise, apologize and offer some type of
  3. Focus on making customers, not making
    • focus on the quality rather than the volume of
    • research show that it costs 6 times more to attract new customer than it does to keep an existing
  4. Assume that customers are telling the
    • majority of customers don’t like to complain; in fact, they’ll go out of their way to avoid
  5. Make it easy to
    • make the process simple and user -friendly.



  • Customer service could be considered the most important job in a
  • “The customer is always right!” This statement is true in every
  • One unhappy customer can taint the reputation of a business by telling everyone they know about their bad
  • Good customer service people are a valuable asset to any business


Who are the Customers?


  • People who receive my output
  • People who pay me
  • They are the reason why I do my job
  • People who want to avail my company’s services


How Does This Apply in Banking?

  • All banking customers will come in contact with at least one of the following customer service positions:


A Bank teller/ Cash Officer

  • Have good communication, verbal communication and listening skills and problem -solving skills
  • Required to be friendly and interact with the customers
  • Able to work independently
  • Considered a “front line” in the banking
  • The first person a customer sees
  • Most likely to detect and stop fraudulent transactions
  • Provide information about customers’ accounts and bank services .
  • Respond to customer inquiries and make sure problems are
  • Handle complaints in accordance with bank
  • Recognize customer motivation and buying behavior
  • Fix problems or suggest solutions .
  • Cross selling other products


Customer Service Representative.

  • Have good communication, verbal communication and listening skills and problem -solving skills
  • Required to be friendly and interact with the customers
  • Able to work independently
  • Assist to fill any kind of form as per requirement
  • Respond to customer inquiries and make sure problems are
  • Handle complaints in accordance with bank
  • Recognize customer motivation and buying behavior
  • Fix problems or suggest
  • Analyze customer needs
  • Implement sales promotion (if any)
  • Cross selling other products


A Relationship officer…

  • Have good communication, verbal communication and listening skills and problem -solving skills
  • Required to be friendly and interact with the customers
  • Able to work independently
  • Is an important customer service representative for any financial They have the task of finding potential clients and helping them to apply for loans & advance.
  • They usually specialize in commercial, consumer, mortgage loans,
  • And they guide clients through the process of applying for a loan.
  • Fix problems or suggest
  • Analyze customer needs
  • Implement sales promotion (if any)
  • Cross selling other products


Relationship Officer: Help in Decision Making


  • Due diligence of loan & customer profiles
  • Obtain written loan application and CIB from BB
  • Evaluate collateral and other relevant documents
  • Credit rating & process/deny loan application
  • Obtain approval from Corp Office
  • Disburse loan funds



  • Most likely they handle Corporate Customers/Clients
  • Ensure optimum satisfaction
  • Acquire new customer/clients for further business development



Passive      Average





Team Work



Superior Service



Comparison in three types of Customer Service

Passive Average Proactive
–       Submissive

–       Lacking forceful qualities

–       Not active

–       Ordinary

–       Usual

–       Common

–       In favor of being active

–       Being interested & welcomed

–       Using personality

–       Establishing rapport

–       Being warm and above average


Steps in better customer service

“ The basics are the basis of customer service”.

Step #1: First Impressions Matter

Step #2: Courtesy Counts

Step #3: Attitude is Everything

Step #4: Doing the Right Thing: the Ethical Issues



Step # 1: First Impressions Matter

First impressions are mental snapshots you take when you first encounter a person or situation. It includes a person’s looks and actions, including general grooming and cleanliness, clothing, voice tone, attitude, body language and posture.


Steps in Making Good Impression:

  1. People see you first, hear you
  2. Wear appropriate clothing for the work you
  3. Make sure you are
  4. Maintain a relaxed and open





– looking good at work and your appearance should fit the work you do.

    • wear the type of clothing that fits the personality of your
    • always lean towards dressing conservatively if you are unsure of what is suitable to your
    • this means your hair and fingernails are clean and groomed; your face, body, and teeth are clean; your clothes are clean and well- pressed; your shoes polished, your hair is properly styled; and your over-all image is Put all that together and you present a groomed look.
    • Hold your head high, and keep your facial expressions Make eye contact when talking to someone. Smile as often as appropriate ; smile often. A smile goes a long way, both personally and interpersonally. When you smile, you feel better. When you smile, you make others feel better.



Step # 2: Courtesy Counts

Unlike children, as adults, you are not going to receive constant praise for being courteous, but people will appreciate your behavior. When your act courteously, you send a positive and become a natural part of your vocabulary and personality.


Steps in Developing Courtesy:

  1. Say “Please”, “Thank you” and “ You’re Welcome”.
  2. Say “Excuse Me” and “I’m Sorry”.
  3. Use “Sir” and Ma’am”.
  4. Use a person’s name when you know
  5. Use “Yes” rather than “Yeah”.
  6. Say it with a smile.




    • say “please” when asking something and also learned to say “please” when you responded to others (e.g. “Yes, please”).
    • say “thank you” when someone did something for
    • say “you’re welcome” when someone thanked you for doing


    • say “excuse me” when you do not understand someone, when someone was on your way, or when you inadvertently did something wrong;
    • say “I’m sorry” when you did something wrong or made a


  1. USE “SIR” OR “MA’AM”
    • even if these words are signs of respect, be careful how you accentuate these
    • wrong emphasis can make you sound sarcastic, however, right emphasis can make you sound


    • everyone enjoys hearing his / her name, so if you know your customer’s name use Also be sure to give your customer your name.
    • always try to practice name re-calling.



use “Yes” instead of “yeah” to sound professional, intellectual and respectful.



In today’s fast-paced world, smiling when you speak does come across loud and clear. Whether you are speaking face-to-face or by telephone, our customer will see or hear the smile in your voice.


Step # 3: Attitude is Everything

Attitude is everything. Good or bad. Whether yours is good or bad, your attitude is what people are going to remember about you. When you interact with customers, you may not get a second chance. Even if you are not as naturally positive person you can learn to have a more positive attitude. It begins by learning to APPRECIATE.


Steps in developing positive attitude:

  1. Appreciate the good in yourself and in others.
  2. Believe in
  3. Believe you can make a
  4. Keep an open-mind ; do not stereotype people.





Appreciation can be learned by changing your self-talk (the words you use when you think) to think positive thoughts. For example, change “I’ll never do this right” to “next time I’ll do this better”. This also goes for thoughts about your customers (e.g., “Look at his old lady. She doesn’t look like she has a clue about television sets. This is going to be a tough one to handle”. Change this mindset to “ I’ll do what I can to help this customer. She mentioned she doesn’t know a whole lot about all the new type sets, so I’ll do my best to explain them all”.).



When you stop your negative self-talk, you will start to believe in yourself. Saying things such as,” I’ll never do this right”, only sets you up for failure. Changing your self-talk to “next time I’ll do it differently” sets you up for success. When you begin to believe in yourself, you will begin to feel more confident . When you feel more confident, you will begin projecting a powerful image to others. To your customers, you will project an image of someone who believes in yourself, your company, and your products.



When you believe in yourself and gain confidence, you will naturally progress to believing that you can make a difference in the lives of others. When you believe you can make a difference, you will find ways to make it happen. At work, look for ways to make a difference by being helpful, interested, and caring toward your customers.



When the employee thought about the older woman who did not know what she wanted and was going to be tough to handle, he was accepting a negative stereotype about older people before he talked to her. That older woman might be smarter and sharper than he is. Stereotypes can skew first impressions. Do you want people to stereotype you? When you change your thought process and stop stereotyping others, you will change the way you present yourself.


Step # 4: Doing the Right Thing: Ethical Issues

Being ethical means being honest, doing the right thing, and being accountable for your actions.


Steps to develop ethical ways of doing things:

  1. Always be
  2. Do the right
  3. Do what you say when you say you
  4. Be accountable for your actions.





Being honest at all times will make your life far less complicated. When you are truthful, you do not have to remember what you said to whom. Being truthful is important to your customer. If you become dishonest, the truth always has a way of coming out. When people find out you have not been completely honest, they will no longer trust you.



When the employee thought about the older woman who did not know what she wanted and was going to be tough to handle, he was accepting a negative stereotype about older people before he talked to her. That older woman might be smarter and sharper than he is. Remember first impressions? Stereotypes can skew first impressions. Do you want people to stereotype you? When you change your thought process and stop stereotyping others, you will change the way you present yourself.



Become a person others can rely on. When you give a customer your word, mean it. Let your word be your bond. Erase the words “I can’t” and “no” from your vocabulary. If you cannot do what the customer asks, explain instead what you can do. It is all right to say “I don’t know.” Follow up with “I’ll find out for you.”



When you take responsibility and own up to your mistakes, people will respect you. No one expects you to make the right decision 100% of the time. We are all human and are all going to make mistakes. What sets ethical people apart is that they hold themselves accountable for their mistakes. This may not be easy at first, but it is the right thing to do. People will appreciate that you are able to admit you did something wrong. You will also have an added benefit: You will respect yourself more when you take responsibility for your actions.


APE Approach

YOU                                                                                             CUSTOMER

A is for Action

Act to put it right Something is done which the person doesn’t like. It may be a really big thing or it may be relatively minor (in your view).

P is for Perception

Find out what the person is really trying to tell you The person perceives that this action is really bad for them. It may really bad, or they may just think it is bad. Often they also perceive some hurtful intention on your part or  the part of  your organization.

E is for Emotion

Response to the feelings, recognize them and acknowledge them. You can’t deal with the Perception or the Action while people are feeling they actually are, right now. The person has a strong emotion in response to what they perceive to be bad


Some Feeling Words of Customers

Happy Sad Angry Confused Scared Weak Strong
Calm Angry Annoyed Anxious Afraid Ashamed Active
Cheerful Awful Bitter Awkward Anxious Bored Aggressive
Delighted Bad Critical Bothered Chicken Confused Angry
Excited Crushed Disgusted Crazy Confused Embarrassed Bold
Fantastic Depressed Fed up Depressed Fearful Exhausted Brave
Fortunate Disappointed Frustrated Disturbed Frightened Frustrated Capable
Friendly Dissatisfied Furious Embarrassed Horrified Guilty Confident
Glad Disturbed Impatient Frustrated Insecure Helpless Determined
Good Down Irritated Helpless Nervous Horrible Energetic
Great Embarrassed Mad Hopeless Panic Ill Happy
Hopeful Gloomy Mean Mixed up Shaky Inadequate Healthy
Optimistic Hate Temper Puzzled Stunned Insecure Love
Peaceful Hopeless Upset Stuck Tense Overwhelmed Positive
Pleased Hurt Wrath Surprised Terrified Powerless Powerful
Relieved Miserable Hate Trapped Threatened Shaky
Satisfied Painful Uncomfortable Timid Shy
Thankful Sorry Sick
Warm Terrible Tired
Wonderful Upset Useless


Let’s do some exercise

A Model of customer behavior:


Culture Subculture Social class

Reference groups Family and households



Motivation Perception Learning Personality Attitude


General guidelines for developing service communications:

  • Develop a word – of- mouth communications network
  • Promise what is possible
  • Intangible the tangible
  • Feature Working Relationships between Customer and Provider
  • Reduce consumer fears about variation in performance
  • Determine and focus on service quality dimensions
  • Differentiate the service product from service delivery

+ Make the service more easily understood


What they Want…………


  1. Friendliness – the most basic and associated with courtesy and


  1. Empathy – the customer needs to know that the service provider appreciates their wants and


  1. Fairness – the customer wants to feel they receive adequate attention and reasonable


  1. Control – the customer wants to feel his/her wants and input has influence on the


  1. Alternatives – most customers want choice and flexibility from service. They want to know there are many avenues to satisfy


  1. Information – customers want to know about products and services but in a pertinent and time-sensitive manner.4 Too much information and “selling” can put off customers.


When “customers” first meet us they immediately form opinions about us and our organization. Those impressions include things about character, efficiency, and friendliness. They will decide in seconds from 11 impressions whether they…

  • Like You
  • Dislike You
  • Indifferent

Superior customer Service…..


  • Greet the customer with a
  • You should sound energetic and
  • Compliment them for any special feature visible e a nice tie, watch, decorated office, nice voice etc.
  • Be a good
  • Identify and anticipate
  • Make customer feel important and
  • Make customer understand your product and system.



How to present yourself !

Make sure you have:

  • For male, cleaned & pressed light color full-sleeved shirt and dark slack with nice
  • For female, cleaned & pressed soft color salwar, kameez with olna/dopatta .
  • Clean and polished conservative dress shoes
  • Well-groomed hairstyle
  • Cleaned and trimmed fingernails
  • Minimal cologne or perfume
  • Well-brushed teeth and fresh breath
  • No gum, candy, or other objects in your mouth
  • Minimal jewelry and make-up for female
  • No body odor



Customer is the King in any industry, in order to enhance the market share vis-à-vis boost the profit of the organization, we need to enhance customer satisfaction and meet customer expectation by providing superior customer service.

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