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Leadership & Managerial Skills in Banking !

Leadership & Managerial Skills in Banking:   Leadership and Managerial Skills The success of an organization depends on many factors, of which management styles come first. Leadership is an important aspect of managing the organization. Management styles (Leadership) have a direct impact on the effectiveness of the individual as well as the organization as a [...]


GLOSSARY INFORMATION : Archive means a repository used to store and index Images and associated information, including MICR line information, item sequence number, and full audit trail information, for necessary retention and accessibility.   BACH (Bangladesh Automated Clearing House) means the overall system and facility that supports the Exchange and settlement of payment items between [...]

Important Abbreviation ?

Important Abbreviation ! OPEC : Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries PEPs : Politically Exposed Persons SAARC: South Asian Association for Regional Co-Operation SAPTA : South Asian Preferential Trade Agreement SAFTA: South Asian Free Trade Area SEC : Securities and Exchange Commission UNDP : United Nations Development Program. WTO : World Trade Organization WHO : World [...]

Credit Appraisal and Assessment !

Credit Appraisal and Assessment: Introduction: Credit appraisal process is an essential part for investment decision and project selection. Credit appraisal may be defined as a detailed evaluation of the credit proposal to determine the technical feasibility, economic necessity, marketing prospect, financial viability of the project and managerial competence required for its successful operation. The main [...]

MCQ for Treasury Division

MCQ for Treasury Division: Q: ALCO stands for a) Asset liability committee b) Asset liability co-operation c) Asset liquidation company d) None of the above Ans: a)   Q: Call Money transactions take place between a) Customer to customer b) Bank/NBFIS to customer c) Bank/NBFI to Bank/NBFI d) Both (a) & (b) Ans: c)   [...]

Activities of Credit Operations in Banks!

Activities of Credit Operations in Banks!   Introduction: A bank usually has procedural guidelines indicating list and sequence of several activities associated with its credit operations. The procedural guideline is prepared in the light of Credit Risk Manual introduced by Bangladesh Bank. However, bank’s own credit policy, vision, mission as well as guidelines and policies [...]

Test MCQ (Multiple Choice Question)

Test MCQ (Multiple Choice Question): Question: A documentary credit calls for the beneficiary's invoice in three copies. Which of the following requirements is mandatory for a complying presentation? a) All must be signed. b) All must be original. c) At least one of the three must be signed. d) At least one of the three [...]

MCQ (Multiple Choice Question)

MCQ (Multiple Choice Question): Question: A credit that requires presentation of an invoice will be satisfied by which of the following? Commercial invoice. Proforma invoice. Sales invoice. Tax invoice. Select one: A) 2 and 4 only. B) 1 only. C) land 3 only. D) 1, 3 and 4 only. Answer: 1, 3 and 4 only [...]

Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)

Multiple Choice Question (MCQ): Question: Second-hand/ reconditioned capital machineries used in industry shall be importable without any price limit but a certificate from a surveyor enlisted, nominated or appointed by National Board of Revenue to the effect that each machine has at least ......... years economic life except generators or generating sets, must be submitted [...]